Personal Training That 'Really Can' Help You

If you’re looking for a personal training nearby or simply need a good nutritionist that you can really count on to get you to your health & wellness goals, then look no further. We know personally what it is like to face serious health issues and overcome them.

As a result, we know how you feel and can help you, no matter where you are in life. We have dedicated ourselves to helping other people make their own lives healthier and happier through mind and body transformations.

At Commit 2 Fit Club, we understand that having a more full life goes beyond just fitness training!


Our holistic fitness approach to fitness training includes a powerful educational foundation. This sets our clients up for so much more than that 'perfect' body they want to show off. You’ll learn lasting strategies about how to eat right, manage the stress life always brings, and leading the life you dream of. 


For the convenience of our clients, no matter where in the world you are, we offer phone and online fitness & nutrition consultation, not just in-person!


Personal Trainer Services With a Purpose

Looking for certified personal training and elite wellness & life coaching? Our qualified personal trainers have been delivering personalized workouts that are catered to each individual clients that produce real results.

Our nutrition & health coaches offer their experience and actionable knowledge from numerous fitness training backgrounds. They also provide the inspiration and motivation you need to help you accomplish your fitness goals more quickly than if you worked out on your own.

We offer a variety of health & fitness programs including small group training, pre & postnatal training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength training, rehabilitation training, life coaching, athletic conditioning, kettlebells, cross training, and nutrition coaching.


All are welcome! Our programs cater to all age levels and abilities. Our trainers ensure that regardless of your fitness level, they'll help you get that fitter and healthier life you desire regardless of how old you are!

The bottom line is that no matter what your fitness goal is, we’re here to offer you the step-by-step knowledge, motivation, and support to succeed!


Benefit from personalized fitness coaching & motivation.

Receive expert, science-backed advice in a safe environment.

Get a focused, customized workout at a shared price.

Receive expert instruction in a fun, motivating group environment.

Certified Health Coaches

You don't have to go very far before you run into someone on another 'fad' diet and taking supplements, yet they're still struggling with weight loss or their health.


Searching for health information on the internet can leave you overwhelmed. With so much wellness information out there, who should you listen to? With this information overload that many are experiencing, it's common to hear about so many people quitting their pursuit to a healthier life.


We're here to be your certified health coach. Our health coaching creates effective health strategies while helping you ignore the noise out there. We'll you all the tips, strategies, and tools you need to succeed to becoming healthier and more in shape.


When you tell us your goals, your dreams, and your current lifestyle, our expert nutritionists will help you choose the best health & wellness program that has the greatest impact for your life. 


Finding or looking for a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer can be a daunting task. You no longer need to stress. Simply give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

Click here to reach out to us today.

No memberships. No hard sell. No contracts.
Just amazing body-transforming workouts.


Pat Seller

I have never felt better. Allison is a lifesaver for me. I lost more weight than I thought I could because she helped me believe in myself. I am forever grateful Alli!


I train for competitions and the expert training I get from Eddie is second to none. I have reached my goals each and every time I train with him. Customer for life.

Bob Clapp

I actually got an award for fitness and at my age. I almost can't believe it. What I can say is that without C2FC I wouldn't have done it. Thank you to the moon and back.


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