As Personal Trainers and Health Coaches who run Commit 2 Fit Club, we genuinely believe that in order to become your best in life you must optimize your mind and body. It is in this place in life that you can truly live your life to its fullest potential.  


Health and wellness, fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting, or however else you define it, is the foundation and platform of all expression and action in life.  We believe that when you have an optimized mind and body, you will begin to create and design the life that you always wanted.

By using an effective and unique approach to health & nutrition, fitness from a holistic angle allows you to focus on different aspects of your health which can improve other areas of your life.


This can result in you having more energy, having a clear mind, all the while looking great. It is our firm belief that as you better your health, you will be able to become even more successful and advance in other areas of your life.

We define them as follows:

  1. Physical Success
  2. Financial Success
  3. Spiritual Success
  4. Mental Success

  5. Emotional Success

  6. Communication Success

  7. Philosophy Success

  8. Generosity Success

By using an integrative and holistic approach, you will be able to develop in all of these areas.

Our goal in life is to help others reach their highest level of potential by using the principles of holistic and integrative health.  To learn more, visit our training tips page.



About The Owners Of Commit 2 Fit Club: Eddie Parinas and Allison Seller are well-known Holistic Personal Trainers based out of Ladner, BC. Allison is also a Certified Nutritionist who specializes in body transformation, weight loss, nutrition, lab testing, and fitness coaching.


For a free consultation contact them on this site or call them at 1-778-991-0180.

I am beyond happy with the results I have seen. Thank you so much C2FC!!

Kelly Ann Gibson



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