Nutrition & Health Coach

No matter who you are or where you're from, you can garner real benefit from allowing one of our nutrition coaches to work with you. Whether you're looking to power up for your new workout program or gaining lean muscle mass, we will create a personalized eating plan that will work with your lifestyle.

Commit 2 Fit Club's nutrition coaching program works. It is that simple. We take a deep-dive into your own health & wellness and leave no stone unturned as we develop your eating plan.


Our team of fitness experts will look at what you are and are not eating, how much water you're drinking, how long you sleep, and much more. We will walk you through a far superior understanding of how making changes in your nutritional plan can help achieve your health and wellness goals.

Eating Right Produces Right Results

Every individual's food and nutrient requirements are unique and special. We acknowledge and respect that. Our certified fitness and health coaches will help isolate & identify what your individual needs are. They will then layout a simple wellness program that fits your lifestyle that will be easy to follow.


Our nutritional coaching sessions enlighten and empower you to learn about your unique requirements. Those important times are also when they will show you how to integrate these requirements into your life. You’ll have full access and unlimited support from your nutrition coach as you follow your wellness journey to better health. Keep in mind that health coaching is available to both individuals and group coaching

I am beyond happy with the results I have seen. Thank you so much C2FC!!

Kelly Ann Gibson



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