As professional personal trainers most of our new clients first come to us because they are completely frustrated with their weight, lack of inspiration & motivation, dislike their appearance, and simply need us to guide them in the right direction. We never blame them because we understand!


Given the number of distractions out there and all of the noise you can find in the health and wellness community, it is extremely complicated and confusing trying to decide what workout techniques, diets, and programs are the right fit for you.

Why Choose Us & How We Can Help

Our Personal Training Courses help tackle and solve all of these problems effectively.  Essentially, they put out the fire of confusion quickly. As elite personal trainers and certified nutritionists, we will customize your diet and training program, tailoring it uniquely to you. We'll take everything into account and design your fitness plan on your goals, level of experience, and current lifestyle. 


One of the common mistakes that we see other trainers make in the fitness industry is using their own training programs for their clients.  This is wrong. We feel that everybody is uniquely different and it’s critical to customize a workout program based on the client and not on the personal trainer.

All We Ask & What To Expect

Yes, we can help you, but the catch is that you have to meet us in the middle.  It does take work and effort to completely change your mind & body.  At Commit 2 Fit Club, we're transparent and upfront with our clients. We are honest with those who turn to us for help and let them know that it will take time and energy to transform.


The fitness industry around the world, along with inflated advertising stuffed with hype, and some personal trainers, love to sell the quick & easy fixes.  They basically tell you that essentially you don’t have to do anything and you’ll change overnight by doing one special exercise or taking a magic supplement.

Times are changing and people are tired of lies. They can see right through the hype. Most people just want the plain old honest truth. 

Well, we're here to tell you the truth! Changing your body and your life does take time and energy, but you can do it with our help and it's worth it! We will be there every step of the way helping and guiding you so that you can reach your health goals.

No matter what you desire to accomplish, training with Commit 2 Fit Club provides you with a program completely tailored to your needs and we will help you achieve your goals much faster than if you try to do it by yourself.

You'll Love It Here​​

You can pick one of our personal trainers or we will assign a trainer to you after carefully determining your fitness level and your desired fitness goals. After an initial consultation and thorough fitness assessment, the trainer will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through a uniquely designed training program just for you.

Our personal trainers will motivate and challenge you! They keep you focused and on track to help you get the results you want!

At Commit 2 Fit Club we offer effective programs, flexibility, experience and expertise, without the arrogance and attitude that is commonly found in the fitness industry. Our team of dedicated personal trainers means you can find a workout coach to fit your schedule, budget, and one that you're happy with.


Fitness is what we do! We breathe and live it everyday! We are certified to train and we quench our thirst for knowledge through continuing to learn what's working, while staying away from what doesn't. We share our expertise as your coach and partner. We’re in this journey to better health together!

More Than Just Personal Training​​

Our team of health & wellness experts have expertise and qualifications that go well beyond basic personal training. We offer Women's Wellness, Life Coaching, Diet & Nutrition Coaching, Spiritual Wellness, Men's Health, Injury Rehabilitation, Weight Management, Competition Prep, Olympic & Strength Training, Pre & Postnatal Fitness and other areas of health expertise.

We work with all fitness levels. From beginners to professional athletes!


We can also provide highly focussed training in your area of interest such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, kettlebells, competitions and more. And if you can’t make it to our gym, we can come to you! There's a personal trainer near you!

It Takes Two To Tango

If you're gonna do the Tango you need two people. Working out together is no different. Sometimes it's just better to workout with someone else! There are advantages to partner personal training. You can motivate and inspire one another as well as share the cost for the training session. Who can you workout with? It's your choice. Family member, friend, or coworker, you decide! Partner exercising is a great way to mix things up, have some fun, and spend some quality time with someone.

All The Same Benefits

Whether you get one-on-one training or try partner training, you'll experience all the same benefits. This is just as effective as working out alone with a trainer. Don't you worry, our passionate personal trainers can still push you physically while providing personalized guidance to each person. They can also vary the routine if the partners are at different fitness levels.


Yes, we’ve trained many partners that workout together because it works better with their schedules, despite having different fitness levels & physical abilities.

Training with a partner raises the level of accountability because you both need to show up to your training session. It also raises and strengthens your performance thanks to the extra bit of competition that training with a partner always brings.

I am beyond happy with the results I have seen. Thank you so much C2FC!!

Kelly Ann Gibson



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