Active Rehabilitation Programs


Life has its ups and its  downs. If you’re struggling with getting back on your feet, then we're here to help. Our personal trainers provide expert rehabilitation and nutrition programs. We can help you overcome an injury or simply a general lack of fitness.


We provide you with the knowledge and motivation to push past your limitations and anything else that is trying to prevent you from working out.


Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to rehabilitation and recovery, not exercising is one thing you never want to say you've done. Your most advantageous move is to allow a certified personal trainer with recovery experience to successfully assist you in overcoming the physical obstacles in your path.

Bounce Back Faster Than You Think

There are a myriad of negative uncontrollable circumstances that can knock anyone off their feet. From vehicular accidents to surgery, from whiplash to a rolled ankle, all are common issues we assist our clients with.


At Commit 2 Fit Club, we understand how to create unique body transformation programs tailored to individuals to improve the limitations they are facing. With experienced, kind, knowledgeable, and functional movement certified personal trainers, our supportive team can help you bounce back faster than you think. We'll get you back on the road to your wellness goals.

We'll design a workout routine that includes proper exercise techniques built around your limitations, strength & conditioning, as well educating you on the road to recovery. Our trainers will keep you fired up and moving safely, one step at a time, without risking injury.  

We Help You Get Back On Your Feet

The truth is, our Rehabilitation Training Programs are created to ensure that our skilled expert trainers are available to serve and help you recover safely.

We walk with you, one session at a time, to help carry out recovery and vocational rehabilitation plans designed by our knowledgeable staff. We work directly with you to assist you in developing, supporting and improving your level of physical fitness.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

I am beyond happy with the results I have seen. Thank you so much C2FC!!

Kelly Ann Gibson



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